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Master's programs

Master's Program in Eurasian Integration

MA in Eurasian Integration is a programme aimed at training skilled staff (managers, experts, analysts, researchers) for the Eurasian Economic Union institutions as well as for a wide range of governmental bodies, business and nonprofit organizations involved in Eurasian integration. The core courses of the program are complemented with a wide range of elective courses devoted to every member of the Union and their policy towards Eurasian integration as well as the relations between the Eurasian Economic Union and the rest of the world.

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Master’s Program in Migration studies

The Master’s Program is designed to train specialists with fundamental knowledge and specific competences in the field of migration processes, migration policy and integration of migrants. Our graduates know modern methods of data collection and analysis, interpretation of the obtained results and are able to apply them in practical work. Over the course of the program, students get acquainted with the main theoretical and empirical problems of migration processes, migration policy and policy of migrants’ integration, with applied aspects of migration management, the best international standards and practices, receive the most important analytical and research skills in this field from leading Russian and foreign specialists.

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Master’s Program Study of Siberia and the Artic

Master’s Program is aimed at training professional researchers of the Arctic and Siberian region. Nowadays the need for qualified personnel with unique skills and knowledge of the Siberian and Arctic regions is high. The students will learn about Siberia and the Arctic from the geographical point of view; some further courses are aimed at learning methods of research of biological, physical, and chemical properties of natural environment. Students can also choose an engineering, teaching, and even humanitarian specialization. In addition, from the beginning, students will be engaged in scientific research and their practice will be held at TSU research stations in the floodplain of the River Ob and in the Altai and Yamal.

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Master’s Program Russian Studies: Siberia

The Master's Program is aimed at training highly skilled specialists in Russian Regional Studies able to provide analysis and consultation on administrative, economic, social, business and cultural peculiarities of Russia for various projects and programmes of regional development run by local and regional authorities, analytic centers, cultural organizations that are interested in the development of effective cooperation with Russia and need relevant expertise. The aim of the program is the provision of postgraduate students with complex knowledge of the history and current state of Siberia, project management skills, expertise in regional potential evaluation, skills in organizing the cooperation of state, public and business structures. The program is pointed at training of specialists with entrepreneurial approach to the professional participation in regional development, profound knowledge and skills in consulting and analytical activities in the sphere of Regional Studies.

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International Master's Degree in Biodiversity

This International Master's Degree presents a comprehensive overview of the science about biological diversity ecology, evolution and dynamics, and of the methods for diversity analysis, calculation and estimation. This MSc covers the theoretical and practical issues involved in biodiversity theory, in conducting surveys and inventories of biodiversity, analysing the information gathered, and applying their analysis to ecological and conservation problems. 

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