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Language and Culture

Language and culture is a theme that brings together projects for studying the Siberian regional culture and its place in the world cultural space. Linguists, historians, literary and cultural scholars conduct joint studies of verbal forms of expression of the Siberian culture: dialects, folklore, and literature – even mass-media texts.

Leading Scientists

David Nicholas, Professor at the Faculty of History
Yulia A. Emer, Professor at the Faculty of Philology
Olga I. Blinova, Professor at the Faculty of Philology
Irina A. Aizikova, Professor at the Faculty of Philology
Eduard I. Chernyak, Director of the Institute of Arts and Cultures
Irina A. Sizova, Dean of the Institute of Arts and Cultures
Mikhai O. Shepel, Director of the TSU Scientific library
Elena E. Dutchak, Professor at the Faculty of History
Sergey F. Fominykh, Head of Department of the Faculty of History
Mariya P. Chernaya, Professor at the Faculty of History
Dmitry N. Shevelev, Head of Department of the Faculty of History
Lyubov G. Porohovnichenko, Head of the Paleontological Museum
Yevgeny V. Barsukov, Head of the Historical Museum of Archeology and Ethnography
Olga V. Zayceva, Associate Professor at the Faculty of History
Daniil E. Krapchunov, Head of the Laboratory of Scientific Management

Institutions and Centres

Faculty of Philology
Institute of Arts and Culture
Laboratory of Library and Communication Studies
REC “Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Siberia, from Ancient Times to the Present Day: Modern Technologies”
Centre for Testing Foreign Citizens in the Russian language, Tomsk State University
Research Laboratory “Museum and Cultural Heritage”
Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberia named after V.M. Florinskiy
Paleontological Museum named after V.A. Khakhlov
Museum of the History of Tomsk State University
Cultural Centre of TSU
Science Library


Philological Sciences
Russian as a Foreign Language,
Russian Literature and its European Connections

Cultural Sciences
Cultural Studies

Groundwork for Scientific Projects

The Cultural Capital as a Factor and a Condition of Innovative Development of Western Siberia.” Federal Targeted Programme “Research and Scientific-pedagogical Human Resources of the Innovative Russia” for 2009-2013. The amount of funding in 2010-2012: 7,2 mln. rub.
Identification of opportunities and mechanisms of integration of cultural resources in Western Siberia into the processes of formation of a comfortable regional social and cultural environment and high-quality human capital to ensure the accelerated development of the “knowledge economy” and civil society institutions.
Leader: Eduard Isaakovich Chernyak, Director of TSU Institute of Arts and Culture.
Results: conceptual comprehension of the current state of culture of the Russian Federation subjects located in the territory of Western Siberia. Identification of the incentives and constraints (objective and subjective) that significantly affect the cultural capital management capabilities in light of the transition to the innovative route. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of approaches to the capitalization of the cultural space, showcased in the documents of local authorities. A programme of advice to the constituent entities of cultural policy is developed; a basis is created for the organization of the system of cultural consultation for the constituent entities of cultural policy in the West Siberian region.

Networks and International Partners

ICOFOM http://network.icom.museum/icofom

Europeana www.europeana.eu/portal/

MAPRYAL http://ru.mapryal.org/

ASEEES http://aseees.org/

Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies,  University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Los Angeles

Princeton University


Humboldt University of Berlin

Univeristy “L’Orientale’, Napoli

Roma University La Sapienza

The University of Copenhagen

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