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Urban Studies and Creative Industries

Siberia is a unique system of cities, involving industrial and post-industrial spaces and completely dissimilar in their atmosphere and development scenarios. Each city is a special case, which allows you to demonstrate a unique experience of Siberia and the scope for external researchers and project teams.

Experts from the Urban Studies and Creative Industries project are studying the logic and dynamics of the innovations of Siberian cities in the urban environment, scenarios, economic and socio-cultural models, agglomeration, master plans, embankments and public spaces, and their centres where these questions are being discussed are exchanging their experiences.

A map is planned of the creative economy of the largest cities in Siberia, including industries such as advertising, media, design, urban studies, publishing, film and video production, museums, concert activity, music, visual and performing arts, gallery business, fashion, crafts, architecture, Internet and computer technologies, cultural tourism. The basic mapping layers are: the presence of local and inter-regional market, its scope, composition, nature and extent of the players, forms and institutions of self-convergence and reproduction, creative communities, clusters, educational institutions, and places of development. The main issue is then becomes the cultural uniqueness of Siberia, and its capacity to take its place providing creative work in the foreseeable future.

Research fields