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Educational Programs

Master's Program: Biodiversity

New Master’s Program: Siberia and Arctic Studies

New Master’s Program: Recultivation and Bioremediation of Soils and Water Bodies

Geography and Water and Climate Resources

Historical Sciences and Archaeology (PhD)

Russian as a Foreign Language

Russian Literature and Its European Communications

Historical and Regional Geology

Geology of Mineral Resource

Earth Sciences (postgraduate study)

Anthropology and Ethnology

A new autonomous Master's program Siberia: Modern development, culture, history (Russian Studies: Siberia)

Culturology (postgraduate programme PhD)

Innovation Technologies and Agribusiness Industry (AI)

Ecology and Environmental Management

Chemical and physical methods of research in environmental and forensics expertise

Siberia for Russia and the World

Siberian Studies: History and Modern Period

Studies of the European Union (Master of History)