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Siberia in a global context. Environment and Local communities in a period of rapidly changing climate

Tomsk State University (Russia) hosts the fourth interactive workshop of Siberian Environmental Change Network (SECNet) for the multidisciplinary community.

“Siberia in a global context. Environment and Local communities in a period of rapidly changing climate” in the city of Tomsk between 01 – 06 October, 2019

The workhop aims to explore the interactions between global climate challenges and societally important consequences of environmental changes for the Siberian Region by bringing together international science knowledge and local (traditional) experience.

For further details, please see the attachment

We hope that you can join us in Tomsk and we look forward to welcoming you there.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you require an invitation letter to apply for a visa to enter the Russian Federation. (Olga Morozova


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TSU scientists made a film about disappearing lakes in the permafrost
TSU scientists will act as editors of the journal Ambio
British parliament recognizes TSU as a model of scientific diplomacy
Professor Maria Chernaya (Faculty of History) got an award for her book “Tomsk Governor’s Mansion in 1660-1760: the historical and archeological reconstruction”
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On 31 October - 5 November in Salekhard Tomsk State University with partners will hold an interactive workshop “Winter Weather and Climate Extremes: how can researchers, authorities and local peoples work together to record, predict and adapt?"
The scientific workshop “Human well-being in the Arctic in a changing climate” was held with the participation of SecNet
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TSU scientists found that a lake disappeared in the Arctic zone
The first carbon capture facility in Russia will be created in Tomsk
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Dear colleagues! You are invited to attend the open lecture of the chairman of the Committee on industrial policy, export and infrastructure of the Kyrgyzstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kubatbek Pakhimov.
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On December, 7th two open lectures on Eurasian integration given by DSc Sergey A. Afontsev
On November, 24-25th and December, 4-5th joint foresight session for the Masters’ students of SAU TSSW Siberian Institute of the Future took place.
Radio Austria is interested in a project about Siberian digital nomads
TSU and the MINES ParisTech will study the fluctuation of glaciers
Scientists will register the Altai glaciers
British schoolchildren are studying Northern nature with TSU films
APPEL : Programme de mobilité vers la France de la Fondation Maison des sciences de l’Homme (FMSH)
TSU biologists will test Russia's largest river for microplastics
TSU and Samotlorneftegaz awarded for cleaning a lake
In the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, lakes become swamps
Universal solution will help grow tomatoes in the north and Arctic
Scientists will test a hypothesis about ancient farmers
TSU researchers will create an effective bioherbicide
The TSU Botanical Garden has introduced a new variety of azalea
Transition Toward a Better Way to Treat the Environment (Part I)
Transition Toward a Better Way to Treat the Environment (Part II)
Interview with TSU' scientist, biogeochemist, head of the laboratory "BIO-GEO-CLIM", Oleg Pokrovsky
Iron in the Altai began to be smelted 3 centuries earlier
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Aktru Summer School gathered students and scientists from 8 countries
TSU has discovered a rare species of hantavirus in the Tomsk Region
The very rare mineral benitoite is in a TSU museum
Why are scientists interested in the evolution of a single plant?
The Faculty of Journalism won 3 golds at the MSUSND design contest
TSU Chemistry Journal entered the Chemical Abstracts Service database
Scientists are creating a soil image bank of Western Siberia
TSU is creating a device for remote monitoring of malaria mosquitoes
TSU has installed new monitoring equipment on Aktru glaciers
INTERACT Transnational Access Call is open for project applications
The world's largest peatland helps solve global climate problems
Swedish soil scientists are studying the carbon cycle at Aktru
Dogs have self-awareness. It was confirmed by STSR tests
TSU will open a research station in the Vasyugan Swamp
Geologists will learn how volcanoes produce gold
Scientists study the history of swamps to predict climate change
Scientists from Italy and TSU are investigating the bacteria pioneers
Geographers are designing a model for forecasting natural disasters
Geology students have been practicing where dinosaurs dwelled
Scientists monitor the construction zone of the nuclear power plant
From cells to Gaia: a new English-language course on ecology
Seeds of ancient plants discovered in the mammoth refugium
Siberia and the Arctic will become an educational platform
Mona Lisa of Geoarcheology: TSU will investigate a unique exhibit
TSU scientist proposes: human beings will reproduce Earth’s biosphere
Eastern Sayan and the death of ancient species
TSU summer school gathered students from around the world
The healing properties of the Siberian Shiitake have been discovered
Prince William has awarded a TSU scientist for the study of the Arctic
Siberia in a global context. Environment and Local communities in a period of rapidly changing climate
Quality of Life in Conditions of Global Transformation of Mankind
Scientists from Britain will read the chronicle of the Vasyugan Swamp
TSU and the Hermitage are digitizing the Valley of the Kings
TSU will reveal the role of volcanoes in the extinction of species
EcoCampTSU will begin August 20
TSU and INTERACT are creating a virtual Arctic with research bases
Scientists want to create a geological monument in Yakutia
Scientists examine the skeleton of a large ancient rhinoceros
Arctic and Siberia under a microscope: TSU invites to "eco-master's"
TSU will investigate the role of mirror neurons in time perception
Northern seas expedition will make Arctic exploration safer
TSSW welcomes its dear friend!
Scientists will talk about the origin of life and the search for it
TSU zoologists have identified a previously unknown breeding site
Scientists will learn which animals respond most to climate change
TSU Graduate School in Earth Sciences will be networked
An orchid palm tree has appeared in the TSU Siberian Botanical Garden
TSU graduate awarded PhD for study of environmental crisis
Volunteers from 5 countries worked at TSU
Tales from the Kajbasovo Station in Siberia, Russia
TSU scientists will develop new models for prospecting gold and oil
The managers of the master's programs at «Siberian Institute of the Future» (StrAU TSSW) awarded student ID cards to the freshmen
International scientists discovered a new genus at the Aktru station
The second part of the tales from the Kajbasovo station
Oases have appeared in the Arctic from permafrost thawing
Scientists create an electrical power source for oil exploration
Experts have identified which sharks and stingrays need protection
Studying at TSU will help a Chinese scientist preserve nature in China
Scientists from TSU Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics Carried out an Expedition to the Ob River during which they Studied the Link between the River Ecosystem and the Social Environment
Scientists are testing a new way to protect plants
TSU Botanical Garden will have a new exposition of rare plants
New technologies for Siberia and the Arctic will be presented at TSU
TSU will study nanoparticles at a new level
Changes in Tuva ecosystems do not fit the global trends
TSU geographer made the first-ever landscape map of Medny Island
Geologists from seven countries are studying samples from Siberia
TSU scientists: permafrost in the Arctic melted 30% faster in 2020
Scientists will discuss anomalies in the Arctic and subarctic
Atmospheric analysis will find fires quickly
Fishtail palm tree bloomed in TSU Botanical Garden
TSU archaeologists found ancient mines in Gorny Altai from space image
Scientists have discovered a new stingray and named it "six-eyed"
Singapore companies will promote new TSU technologies
International Transdisciplinary Conference Connect-Universum-2020
4 th SecNet International Workshop on Climate Change Started Its Work on 1 st October
Residents of the Arctic are ready to help TSU in research
A TSU engineer ran 7 marathons aboard a ship in the Arctic
TSU will teach Indonesians to extract oil, gas, and other resources
Scientists will learn how fires change world ecosystems
TSU entered the largest international project for study of the Arctic